AI Dictator

Perhaps one day in the distant future, when the human mind is successfully emulated on a computer, we will find a way to extend the desirable and virtuous aspects of the human mind in such a way that it becomes a super intelligent, superior, benevolent being who is put in charge of what would normally […]

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Waves roll back and fourth Salty wind whirls with the waves Sun shines through streaks of cloud

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Work and Money

The basic philosophy behind currency is that labor = capital received. The current socioeconomic system twists, bends and distorts this philosophy so that those with the most capital are not the hardest workers, but instead make fortunes off the exploitation of those who do work the hardest in return for a meager wage in order […]

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Oligarchy, not Democracy

Democracy, by definition is the dictatorship of the majority. However a major Scientific Study shows that the United States is actually an oligarchy, not a democracy. Thanks largely to the financial power of the ruling class, our government has decided to put their interests above ours. Highly organized special interest groups and Economic Elites are the […]

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Evolutions True Purpose

All of natural evolution is nature trying to find a dominant intelligent species smart enough to prevent it’s own mass extinction event, and to take evolution into it’s own hands. Over billions of years of evolution, after countless mass extinction events, this is the inevitable type of organism to survive past it’s own would be extinction […]

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