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Preface of James Connolly: Portrait of a Rebel Father (1935) JAMES CONNOLLY AMONG the sixteen men who were executed after the failure of the Irish Insurrection of 1916 there was no nobler or more heroic figure than James Connolly. It was not necessary to share the faith for which he died…


Doubt yourself in every step

I see others whose view of the world couldn’t be more wrong yet they are even more confident than I. So how could I not tread carefully and doubt every step? It is the fools who are so arrogant as to assure themselves that they have all the answers, that they must be right. To […]

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A Tribute to Fidel Castro

To understand Fidel one must look at the living conditions before and after he came to power in Cuba. In pre-revolutionary Cuba poverty, hunger, and illiteracy were the norm. The island was under control of the brutal, U.S. backed dictator Fulgencio Batista. There were as many as 11,500 women resorting to sex work in Havana […]

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