Month: November 2016

A just response to making flag burning illegal is to burn the flag

I never considered burning a flag in protest. But if this does become a law I will do it, but please let me explain. It is not out of disrespect for anyone who has served or disrespect for her people. Ironically making flag burning illegal betrays everything America is supposed to represent and thus making … Continue reading A just response to making flag burning illegal is to burn the flag


Hoping to read this (very rare) book soon

Robert Lynd

Preface of James Connolly:Portrait of a Rebel Father (1935)


AMONG the sixteen men who were executed after the failure of the Irish Insurrection of 1916 there was no nobler or more heroic figure than James Connolly. It was not necessary to share the faith for which he died in order to realise what a magnanimous and valiant man was lost to the world on the day on which, wounded and unable to walk, he was carried from his bed on a stretcher and propped up in a chair to face the firing-squad. Criticism was silent in the presence of that last tragic picture; and, when it became known that the man about to die, on being asked by the priest who attended him: “Will you say a prayer for the men about to shoot you?” had replied: “I will say a Prayer for all brave men who…

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