The Complete Anti-Fascist Reading List

Anti-Fascist News

The term “fascism” has been thrown around left circles for decades as a proxy for authoritarianism, racism, or both. This inability to properly define and understand how fascist movements erupt and grow has created a deficit in organizing, and as we head into a Trump presidential administration and the massive growth of the Alt Right and white nationalism organizers across the left need the tools to break down these movements and how they work. There have been a lot of “reading lists” put out recently, so we thought we would compile one of our own that combines a whole number of threads that are important for understanding how fascism works. This includes detailed looks at the Alt Right, the more mainstream “Alt Lite,” the role of Neofolk and goth music, white nationalist organizing, the history of white nationalist violence, how the revival of scientific racism works, how anti-Semitism plays out…

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On the cold war- both sides recognized 1 of the 2 evils of society

What a strange time to live in the world during the cold war. You see there are two great evils in the world today. They are the evils of both economic and state oppression and exploitation. On one hand you have the west which blatantly ignores the economic oppression but wholeheartedly supports the struggle against government exploitation- at least in theory. Then you have the east which recognized and acted on combatting economic exploitation, even recognizing more firmly the inherently negative nature of the state yet did not act on it. This is absolutely absurd. The best system is one which is founded on enlightenment ideals of a democratic republic with limited government and full political democracy along WITH socialist democracy and the abolition of capitalist exploitation. Only then can the prerequisite of true liberation be set.

How can you stand to watch the homeless suffer in the cold?

Was shocked to see the homeless sitting out in the cold at downtown Cincinnati, trying to cover themselves from the terrible wind. History will forgive neither you nor your cities if you do nothing about this madness! Donate or volunteer at the Cincinnati homeless coalition, I plan to volunteer soon. Cincinnati will be remembered as one of the countless cities that callously looked away from the poor in suffering.
Cursed city of desolation,
The bourgeoisie shall soon be overthrown,
They must pay their reparations,
Lest their hearts forever be made of stone
Accursed wealth of Cincinnati
Those who turned their eyes from those in need
Those who hoard vast wealth to become happy
Those who only greed not love or kindness feed
History will not remember you well
For your pockets full of unpaid labor swell

What is the most totalitarian regime in the world?

If I were to do a poll on people on the street asking “What country is the worst for human rights violations, for totalitarianism?” 99 out of 100 would say North Korea. But the fact of the matter is that it isn’t North Korea, that would be #2 on the list. The worst country in the world is widely known among experts on the matter to be Eritrea. It is a country far worse than North Korea yet most haven’t even heard of it. Why you ask? Because it is in Africa. You know, that continent most people casually make a sympathetic comment towards but otherwise ignore. That continent that is plagued by war, poverty and hunger. That continent which is widely exploited for its resources by western corporations. Yes, that one. We should certainly condemn North Korea for its human rights violations, but we should also condemn Eritrea- even more. African lives matter just as much as European or American lives. It’s a damn shame Eritrea isn’t even a country most people have heard of, a damn shame.

Anti-Muslim hate propaganda at Walmart checkout

I was absolutely disgusted to see a little girl at Walmart pick up this magazine at the checkout line. It was right there so everyone could see it. Imagine for a moment how you would feel if it said ‘Christian spies’ instead of Muslim. You’d be raving on about the corrupt world and the end times! To make matters worse I had a feeling the girl might have been muslim herself! Shame! I ended up putting them behind the other magazines so no one could see this hate speech. Absolutely appalling. What has the world come to? Children are reading this garbage! What are they to think? That muslims are the enemy? What are muslims supposed to think? That western civilization is their enemy like it was for the German jew? Shame!

A worthy fight, a poem

Under the protection of the divineOr simply fooled by the power of my mind

The feeling is one of tradition

To save the soul from perdition
Belief is one followed by faith

But faith alone is not its base

For I had an experience science could not easily explain

And I knew myself certainly not insane
They say it is the opium of the people

But I’d love to use another prescription refill

Addicted to the power of God

A lovely concoction of mind, spirit, bod

Belief based on love alone

For of all things empathy is what I have known
From intellectual pursuit of truth

To find myself feeling aged but still in youth

To help mankind my sole delight

To theist or atheist a worthy fight
To sit and read with an open mind

But above all else to always be kind

Climate Change: Follow The MONEY

If 97% of scientists are in agreement on analysis of a certain issue we can take that as fact for the time being and act accordingly. If 97% of astronomers said that a meteor was going to hit earth would you listen to them? Even if there was a 3% chance they were wrong? Of course you would. But if that 3% was somehow PROFITING off of suppressing that information and promoted the idea that a meteor was not going to hit Earth a lot of people who didn’t know a lot about the issue would probably believe it. Think about it, who is profiting off of denying climate change? The MASSIVE fossil fuel industry. The LAST thing you want is renewable energy- even if it could save humanity. Just follow the money.