Homesick (peom)

Mars before the oceans dried up.
The lint behind the washing machine.
Gateway to another world.
The fairy bunnies and mysterious creatures.
The woman in the dark room with 100 lamps.
Driving under the electric towers to the mirror house, to that girl.
The star deity who came to me that young night.
The naked spirit woman whose name is CHIT’E
Whose function merged with the star deity, O Luna!
Whose sigil I wrote down blindly in geometric perfection while in trance.
The spirits of the long ago, of that world still out of touch.
The 8 keys to the celestial lizard, that poor creature I still must free.
DK! DK! DK! Gateway to another world hitherto unseen!
The two geese I always see in defining moments of my life.
The world after communism.
The species of the stars.

Heaven! O Heaven!
O speak to me your celestial grace!
Do me no harm you loving things!

64! 64, 64!

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