Cincinnati Protestors Occupy Senator Portman’s Office Overnight In Protest of Trumpcare!


A group of concerned citizens of Cincinnati gathered today inside and outside of Ohio Senator Rob Portman’s office in a sit-in protest of the proposed Trumpcare bill. If passed, the bill would deprive an additional 23 million people from access to health insurance, and undoubtedly cost countless innocent lives. It is a well known fact that not having access to insurance kills. Not providing healthcare to all in a society with 10 times the needed potential to do so is in and of itself a crime against humanity and we stand in full solidarity with the protestors.

The protest is a peaceful act of civil disobedience to convince Rob Portman to vote against the bill. The sit-in began earlier today at 4PM and those who were not willing or able to risk arrest left earlier today. The remaining protestors managed to gain access to the Senator’s office on the 33rd floor and have been there ever since, even though the office is officially closed. The sit-in is expected to last well through the night. The building owner has forbidden anyone from delivering food or other necessities.

Members of Cincinnati Socialist Alternative, Our Revolution, United We Stand, Democratic Socialists of America, ADAPT, Democracy Spring, concerned citizens, and others have courageously gathered today in defense of human rights. This is a historic moment for Cincinnati. When human rights are under attack what do we do? Stand Up! Fight Back!

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