Very briefly, my stance on The Cultural Revolution

I have to agree with the position of Slavoj Žižek and Alain Badiou in that I support the idea of the cultural revolution in the sense that I support the workers and peasants of Shanghai who took Mao too literally and seized the city and created the Shanghai Commune. I support the idea of cultural revolution in that I am critical of a top-down maneuvering of power that caused Mao to initiate the cultural revolution for personal gain, and not to increase the political power of the masses. I am critical of the fact that Mao sent in soldiers to disarm the Shanghai workers who rose up in his name.

But the principles of the cultural revolution were noble. There were what, less than 50 red guards in the entire country of Tibet? The Tibetan cultural revolution was initiated by the Tibetan youth, by the workers and peasants who genuinely wished to shake off 1000’s of years of feudal oppression. Sorry, but this is true. You can say Free Tibet, and sure it’s a worthy cause. But the feudal relations of Tibet had genuinely come to an end, they were not forced by the hand Mao or the red guards.

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