A People’s State is Like an Iron Rod


A people’s state, when truly democratic and utilized correctly, is like an iron rod. The vestiges of capitalism, imperialism, oppression and exploitation are like clay pots. While fierce and mighty, eventually, when all the clay pots are smashed, the iron rod rusts and withers away into dust. That is the purpose of the people’s republic, the task of any and all socialist states. The iron rod can only be wielded by the will of the popular masses, and never for their destitution. Public institutions that mold public opinion should self-impose ideological limitations to their actions in order to ensure workers freedom and democracy. Everything they do should be done in the spirit of socialism, but in the spirit of socialism viewed within the context of the fundamental human rights (negative freedoms) and the fundamental rights of humanity (positive freedom). This is how we make sure that not another socialist state tramples the freedom and democracy of the proletariat while acting in its name.

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