Communists against Stalinism, for genuine Freedom and Socialist Democracy! (Image)

Originally I was attacked by Stalinists as an ‘anti-communist’ for uploading these photos without context on my personal Facebook account. Well, here are the same photos, with a quote by COMMUNIST revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg for some bloody context.


There can be genuine democracy, either in limited liberal bourgeois democracy or in proletarian socialist democracy, without unrestricted negative liberty. Like industrial development and the social development that comes with it (literacy, education, infrastructure, etc.), negative freedom is a social attribute that emerges in the bourgeois stage of development with the coming of bourgeois democracy. It is as much a necessary prerequisite to socialist democracy as it is to capitalist “democracy”.

“If the sovereign (the people) are free to oppose (the government), and do not do so, we must take universal silence as evidence of popular consent” -Rousseau.

If, however, the people are not free to oppose the state, then universal silence is as much a sign of universal despotism as it is a sign of “popular consent”.

Note: This was originally posted on Thought Foundry Blog’s Facebook Page which can be found here:

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