Who Cares What “The Founding Fathers Wanted”? It’s Irrelevant!

There is, in actuality, nothing sacred or divine about the American political system. It’s constitution and it’s “founding fathers”, as such, are irrelevant to what is best for the people as a whole. The bill of rights (declaration of formal negative liberty) and the established limitation of state power in such affairs is the only good thing for the future that has come of such foundational doctrines of our republic. People need to stop glorifying the past in saying “this or that is what the founding fathers wanted”. Well, let me tell you, the founding fathers were a group of slave owning 1%ers who drafted a constitution to look after their own interests, the interests of private property and capital, their own ability to exploit the majority, above the interests of the people as a whole. I am not a Kantian in my analysis of American history. This was a necessary stage in human development, necessary for the time, but necessary no longer. They were bourgeois in the undeveloped world, in a world that needed capitalist development to transform the world into what it is today. But now our system is bourgeois in the developed world, and more and more it is proving itself to have outlived its usefulness.
A key founding principle of the bourgeois declaration of negative liberty is that the rights of the individual cannot be violated except in certain instances, for the common good. In general, such a principle is correct. What makes this bourgeois, however, is that such a principle was designed first and foremost not to protect the rights of the people in general, but to protect private property and the exploitation of the minority by the majority in particular. What we have here is a phenomenon that has emerged in this stage of historical development that is fundamental to human progress, that is, unrestricted negative liberty (what the west calls human rights) for the masses. But socialism in the 21st century goes beyond this, it declares not only this liberty, but also the right to have the means to realize this liberty in actuality and not merely on paper, a fundamental right of humanity. In this way, genuine socialists criticize the “freedom” of capitalist society, as espoused by the “founding fathers”, as being too limited in scope. Liberation is possible only on the basis of bourgeois society as its foundational base, directly or indirectly, and with it, the industrial and social (negative liberty, literacy, education, etc.) development that comes with it.
Americans will find their guide to the future development of human society not in 18th century enlightenment philosophy, but in the lessons and tragic mistakes of Marxism and scientific socialism, that is, in the establishment of industrial, and not merely political democracy.

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