APL’s Handy Guide to Avoiding Police Repression

While I myself and the APL have obvious ideological differences, I find this guide to be, in general, universally applicable.

The Red Phoenix

It begins with a deafening blow on the door. Soon, your home is invaded by a dozen or so heavily armed SWAT officers with the intent of seizing you and your personal belongings.

The surprise police raid is one of the most terrifying tools in the bourgeois law enforcement’s arsenal. Far too often, political activists find themselves in this very frightening situation, even those professing pacifistic views and posing no threat to the political order. Because many of these activists fail to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves, such raids typically yield successful prosecutions and lengthy prison sentences.

If you’re politically involved in an activist organization, or are even a lone wolf, there is no sure way to guarantee that you won’t become a person of interest to local, state or in the most serious cases Federal police. However, there are easy and practical steps and tips for activists…

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