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About The Blog


The Thought Foundry Blog covers a variety of topics from a Trotskyist perspective. I am a Marxist in most every sense of the word, and a follower of Liberation Theology. This puts me in a minority among Christians and Marxists alike, but provides a very unique perspective on current issues. I typically write from a purely secular point of view, in a way accessible to theists and atheists alike. I do not try to push my own religious views in my blog posts as I believe socialism to be neither theistic or atheistic, but only human.

Thought Foundry Blog is one of the few popular leftist blogs on the internet written from a perspective of Trotskyism or Liberation Theology. As far as I know, it is the only blog on the internet written from both perspectives.

Why I am a socialist: https://thoughtfoundryblog.com/2017/08/15/why-i-am-a-socialist/

About The Author


J2, the author, owner, and creator of the blog, is an active member of Socialist Alternative (United States), though the content of this blog, opinions, actions, etc. of the blog or of J2 as an individual do not necesarily represent the views or attitudes of Socialist Alternative as an organization. J2 is a rather unorthodox, but nonetheless stanch Marxist, Trotskyist, and supporter of Liberation Theology.

An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory“, says Engels

The rich, triumphant, and tragic history of the 20th century Marxist movement provides tons and tons of action of Marxist-Leninist praxis. To merely ignore this experience and adhere to outdated Marxist-Leninist theory is anti-materialist, dogmatic, and revisionist. In my view the theory of Socialism in one country failed miserably, and while there are certainly some good aspects and ideas to be taken from the Stalinist movement of the past, the Stalinist project of the 20th century, with its one-party authoritarian state, lack of democracy, and obsession with mastering nature, etc. must necessarily be abandoned. Trotskyism provides a rich critique of Stalinism, but in my view, in many ways it does not go far enough. This, along with my adherence to Liberation Theology, is where I deviate from orthodox Trotskyism, in going further in my criticisms while still defending the achievements of the degenerated and deformed workers states of the 20th century, while still adhering generally to Trotskyist ideas. 1991 happened, and we Trotskyists had predicted its coming since the 1930’s. The falling apart and abandonment of Marxism in its entirety of the communist parties of the world did not affect us as strongly for this reason. History affirmed the Trotskyist thesis, not the bourgeois capitalist one, and not the Stalinist one. Socialism not only needs democracy, socialism is democracy, both politically and industrially. The events of 1991 are the historical affirmation of Trotsky’s thesis on the post-revolutionary USSR.